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Visual, intuitive, and 

powerful sales process management. Free forever

An easy to use task management suite that your sales team will love

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Take full control of your sales activities

A visual and up-to-date overview of all your client accounts, promotions, and competitors.

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Stay on top of the market trends

Know the landscape – spot changes in the marketplace and competition with the right template.

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That's what team spirit is all about

Get more work done as a team – share ideas, files, and comments.

All-in-one sales project management tool.
Completely free

Develop the sales plan and strategy, research your competitors, and organize your sales team communication in one place. Be it a client account management, sales and delivery pipeline, promotional schedule planning or competitive analysis – start with an Infolio project template and move to fully tailored workflow from there.


Keep an eye on your sales process

Create custom statuses and lists with a couple of clicks. Add custom fields to your tasks to support your team workflow and provide more details. Know where you stand and what you should do next. Track your clients, projects, invoices, and payments. Manage the history of your clients – nurture your customer relationship to build trust.

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No more delayed projects

Keep up with your plans, and don't hit the brakes on the progress. Set the due dates to organize the workflow without having tasks overdue. You will get notified when you need to contact your client, send the promotional letter, or when your order is out for delivery from the warehouse. Don't ever miss a deadline.

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Increase clarity for everyone in the team

Let everyone know what tasks are coming next – no need to guess the future workload. Your team will know where things stand at any given time. Cut meeting times and email communication – keep your project assets on visual project spaces/boards and communicate on ideas in the project chat.


Table & board views

Switch between views easily

Choose the view that suits your project. Manage sales pipelines in a Kanban view – it is a more visual way to see, share, and act on your tasks. Switch to the table view when you need more details and specific information on each task or its progress.

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Start with our ready-to-use sales project templates

Try our fully customizable account management, sales and delivery tracking, promotional sale schedule, and competitive analysis templates to get started. Customize everything just as easily — add more task statuses, lists and custom fields.


Streamline your sales activities
with Infolio templates

Collaborate on projects and track your team activities in one place. Use Infolio templates to simplify the account management, delivery management, promotion planning, feedback gathering and competitor analysis activities.


Promotional sale 

Create a new promotional sale schedule to boost your sales and attract new customers.


Competitor analysis

Follow the hottest marketing trends by conducting regular competitive analysis of rival companies.


Account management

Manage your existing, new, and returning client accounts and their details without breaking a sweat.

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