Remote teamwork 
made easy for all

Inflolio empowers employees to work remotely and helps distributed teams to stay productive, as well helping managers to keep track of all the work being done.

Your team stays aligned and connected

All of your tasks in one place, so you can collaborate and manage your work from anywhere.

Get the best talent wherever they are

Work with the top talent around the globe and effortlessly manage tasks worldwide.

Maximize remote team's efficiency

Give your team freedom of working autonomously and increase accountability.

Let your team stay synchronized and work

in harmony, wherever you happen to be

Infolio allows you to manage your remote teamwork in one shared workplace in a smart way, anywhere. Plan projects, track progress, collaborate on tasks and deliver results timely. It's never been easier.


Minimize the number of tools you use

Don't waste your time using dozens of tools at once. Infolio is the one place for communication, collaboration, file sharing, idea brainstorming, task management, project planning, and so much more.

Clarity & transparency

Keep your remote team members on the same page

Know what everyone is working on, see what comes next and what is done. You won't get lost – Infolio's so simple to use.


Compensate for the lack 
of in-person communication

Forget about tons of emails. Ask questions, share ideas, and work together on updates. 
Keep all the communication between the different teams, locations, and departments, centralized, in one place.

Multiple views

Choose the view that

shows you more!

Feel free to choose the work view that fits your needs – be it a Kanban, a Table or a Calendar. You can filter and sort your tasks, add subtasks and attachments, prioritize and add details in custom fields. 

Don't put off until tomorrow – try Infolio for free now! 

It's completely free. No credit card required. No strings attached.




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