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Share inspiration, collaborate on and track product delivery in Infolio. Our templates for product launch roadmap, A/B testing project and guerilla usability testing may be of help.

Product launch roadmap

Use this step-by-step template to set up product launch preparations, mapping out cross-team activities.

  • Run & track product delivery in a Kanban

  • Adjust product roadmap in real time

  • Run teamwork in virtual spaces

  • Communicate in the built-in Chat

1.2 - Product Launch Roadmap-min.png

A/B testing project

Use this simple template to plan and run A/B product testing sessions, with all your data, your team & communications in one place.

  • Track A/B testing tasks in a Kanban

  • Organize content & collaborate in virtual boards

  • Discuss project issues in the built-in Chat

ab testing-min.png

Guerrilla usability testing

Use this template whenever you plan Guerilla user testing, to map out & track the tasks visually, and collaborate on the content.

  • Plan & track activities in a simple Kanban

  • Organize content & teamwork on virtual spaces

  • Discuss project issues in the built-in Chat

guerilla testing-min.png

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