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Product Team Management Is That Easy

Infolio is an all-in-one task management and collaboration tool for all your product launch tasks. Set-up product launch preparations, map out cross-team activities, run and track product testing and delivery visually. It has never been easier to create the product that will beat the market. And it is free to use.


Deliver your 
product on time

Make sure you are on the right track launching a new product. Organize your product testing efficiently — list your tasks or group them by status.  Set due dates, not to miss deadlines. Stay notified and updated any time.

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Track product

roadmap visually

Plan, run and track your product launch process in a roadmap. Adjust product roadmap in real time effortlessly. Customize the view according to your preferences. Keep all the phases of your project under control.

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Lead your product 
team forward

Track your team’s progress by assigning tasks between them. Communicate and share visual material, customer feedback and other data on virtual boards. Discuss project issues in project chat and motivate your team to succeed.

Keep your projects in a single place. Completely free

Whenever you plan a product launch, A/B testing or guerrilla usability testing sessions, you have a clear and simple view of your workflow. Collaborate and move tasks across projects. Import your existing projects from other apps – manage everything in one place. Deliver a killer product with ease.

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Workflow management

Simplify product testing process

Track guerrilla testing activities visually. See what you have to do next on a Kanban board or a in table view. Map out the testing priorities and set due dates for each task. Prepare testing scenarios, checklists and legends according to the plan and keep your files on visual boards/spaces. Create unlimited number of spaces!


Task organization

Schedule and run A/B testing tasks in the single place

Instead of using many tools, enjoy the integrated power of one. Adjust our A/B testing template and customize the view as you wish. Run and track the whole testing process, organize your content, and collaborate across teams without painful tool-switching.



Organize your 
cross-team activities 

Run design, development and marketing team-work in virtual spaces. Receive task update notifications and stay on top of your team progress. Simplify cross-team communication by using the built-in chat or sharing files in collaboration spaces.


Product feedback

Gather customer feedback

Know your customer’s opinion — capture all the interview feedback in one place. Create a separate space to add any text files, images, stats and photos. Organize your files visually just as you like, make updates when needed with only one click.



Customize our templates for your next product launch and testing sessions

Use our ready product launch roadmap, guerrilla and A/B testing templates to make your workflow more effective. Adjust them easily to fit the needs of your ongoing project.


Streamline your product activities
with Infolio templates 

Collaborate on and track your product activities in one place. Use Infolio templates to simplify product launch, A/B testing and guerrilla usability testing sessions.


Product launch roadmap

Plan all the activities for a product launch, from pre-planning to post-launch analysis.

A/B testing project

Organize an effective A/B testing campaign and analyze results.

Guerrilla usability testing

Quickly and effectively test your product with very little resources.

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