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Learn the basics of a viral product launch and manage it with a template.

How to Make Your Product Go Viral

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Today just building a great and qualitative product isn’t enough for your customers to like it. In fact, your product doesn’t have to be perfect. The key is to push it towards the audience and make them like it. In other words, you have to make your product launch go viral. To ‘go viral’ means that something is being spread like a virus — being shared by everyone. 


But how to achieve this? 


Every business owner faces this question eventually. There is no common formula, but thanks to the digital progress, you don’t need an extravagant budget to succeed, and the right marketing strategy can make 80% of your product launch success.

Why do you need a viral marketing strategy?

If your objective is to connect to your potential customers on an emotional level to make them buy your product, you have to develop the right marketing strategy. Viral marketing strategy consists of activities like social media campaigns (e.g. free trials, contests, product teasers, blogging, beta testing, branded hashtags), promotional emails, video content, landing pages, ads and banners, website development, SEO, TV and radio advertisements and more.


However, not everything that conveys the right “buy it” message and is addressed towards the right target audience can become viral. The message has to be attention-grabbing and memorable in our modern digital world. It can be either very funny or even shocking. The main mistake is to stick to traditional marketing strategies — think outside the box and create exclusive content.

How to make your product go viral

Viral product launch actively uses social media to promote the product. If your messages and posts are being  spread rapidly from one person to another like a virus — you’re on the right way. 

The basic tips below will help you to add virality to your current or future marketing strategy.


Focus on high-quality content

The content plays a major role in a viral marketing strategy. Simply telling about the features of your product won’t be enough — it has to be a thrilling story that won’t leave the target audience indifferent. People don’t care about any product as much as they care about themselves, so the center of your content should not be a product, but rather your audience. Stories leave much more impression than it seems — they make people discuss them and share, thus promoting your product.


Remember, your content should contain a unique idea that has to be topical, so that it could provoke discussions between the followers.

Get to know your audience

The content you create should depend on your target audience’s particular qualities. To launch a product, a sufficient part of your time should be devoted to customer research. Once you know the preferences, gender, age, and lifestyle of your audience, it becomes easier to identify the type of content you have to prepare. Investigate the main pain-points and interests of your customers to shape the posts, which can grab their attention.


Use influencer marketing

Due to their massive social reach, influencers are the ones who can trigger a thousand people’s impressions with one single post. They already are being followed by people and have their attention, so they can push your product forward to the larger audience with only several posts and mentioning’s. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is — by adding influencer endorsement to your marketing strategy with the right targeting, your product will go viral much quicker.

Use interactive content

Interactive content is meant to educate, entertain and engage your audience. Make sure your visual content includes interactive infographics, videos, polls and surveys, ROI calculators, assessments, interactive emails, contests, games and more. Choose the content types that match your product features and your target audience’s preferences — then work on it.


Get your social media posts reposted

You need as many reposts as possible. The more interactive your content is, the more reposts you will get. Besides, you have to be an active social media user, liking and sharing posts of others, commenting and interacting with the followers. Make sure that you have polished your social media profiles — they have to be public. To become more visible, add people tags, locations, and popular hashtags to all of your posts.


If you organize your team’s workflow the right way — you’ll see how easy it is to launch a product and make it go viral as well. Infolio templates are meant to help and guide you. Create your project from scratch, or use a trio of our prepared templates — Product Launch Roadmap template, Viral Product Launch Template and Social Media Management Template to manage all aspects of your work. Get it done easy!


Can't wait to launch a product that would hit the market?

Give a try to our Viral Product Launch template.

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It provides a detailed example for your workflow organization,

which you can use as the basis for your project.

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How to use this template?


Create a new project and choose the Viral Product Launch template as the starting point. All Infolio templates include some demo content. Feel free to remove it once you've familiarized yourself with the concept. 


The tasks are organized by stages of a product launch: "Research and Planning", "Social Media", "Email Marketing", "Interactive Content" and "Analytics". Example tasks provide general guidance, but you don't have to be too strict about it.

Group tasks by Status to see your launch progress ("Open", "Backlog", "Working on", "Waiting for review", "Approved", "Done"). In this view you can easily add new statuses to your workflow or rearrange existing ones. Change the status of any task by dragging and dropping it to the corresponding column.

To see how tasks are distributed within your team, group the project by Assignee. In this view you can reassign tasks quickly by dragging and dropping them between columns.

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If you need any further help or if you have suggestions about how to improve

this template, don't hesitate to let us know!


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