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Management Made Easy

Infolio helps you planning and managing your marketing assets in a simple way. Plan, execute and track your marketing campaign progress visually, arrange content and collaborate with your team — all in one place. For free.

Stay on top of your campaigns

Get a clear view of your upcoming marketing tasks on a Kanban board or in a Table — never miss a deadline again.

See your social media content at a glance

Come up with new marketing ideas and generate new creative assets in visual project spaces. You can create unlimited number of spaces.

Sync with your marketing team

Collaborate on social media content and viral marketing strategies in a project chat and share visual files in project spaces. Communicate with ease wherever you are. Any time.

Replace all your team's tools with one. Completely free

Infolio allows you to organize your marketing tasks effectively. Whether it’s a new marketing campaign development, viral product launch planning or social media management — you can track the task progress visually. Enjoy easy real-time collaboration with your team in the project chat or virtual spaces.

Board & table views

Get a clear marketing team view

Add tasks and assign them to your team members. Group tasks by status, by list or assignee. Track your team’s progress either on a Kanban board or in a Table view. Prioritize tasks by setting statuses — customize them for the needs of your project. Update and edit your tasks quickly and easily.


Improve your creative 
team work

Forget about endless group chats and constant meetings. Communicate in project chat and collaborate on viral content and marketing strategies across teams in separate project spaces. Use them for brainstorming and file sharing.

File management

Keep marketing campaign 
assets organized 

Make the visual files of your campaign available for all the team members. Upload images, blog posts, web links or documents to visual boards and organize them as you wish.


Update your social media posts in a timely fashion

Set task deadlines to post your social media updates on time. Manage your team’s progress to see what is done and what will be done next and when. Keep your marketing tasks under control.


Adjust templates for your further marketing activities

See our marketing campaign tracking, social media management or viral product launch templates to help you get started. Adjust them to the needs of your teams and projects. 

Streamline your marketing activities
with Infolio templates 

Collaborate on and track your marketing projects in one place. Use Infolio templates to simplify marketing campaign tracking, social media management and viral product launch.


Viral product launch

Plan all the activities for a product launch, from pre-planning to post-launch analysis.


Marketing campaign tracker

See how you can organize and track a marketing campaign for a product rebranding.

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Social media management

Social media management hub for a productivity app promotion activities.




Templates & Examples

Social Media

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