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If you are a modern marketer, “viral” is likely to be one of your favorite words. Once a new product with a new idea is in the pipeline, the best case scenario would be to market it in a way that makes it go viral.


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This template can be used for elaborate planning, running and tracking a viral product launch campaign, and coordinating cross-team activities, e.g. management, development and marketing.

When and how to use it?

Feel free to use this template whenever you plan a viral product launch and need to collaborate in a small or medium team, which can be distributed.

Infolio is simple and smart: you can plan and track your campaign in a Kanban board, laying out project tasks and virality tactics visually. Valuable content, be it design samples, research data, notes or visuals can be organized on collaborative spaces. Use the built-in Chat to discuss project issues. The steps below will guide you through setting up and running your campaign.

Step 1. New project & tasks

Sign up to Infolio,

Create a new project, by clicking on “+ Add project” at the left bottom in the projects panel. Name the project, e.g. “Viral Product Launch Template”, and then go to the tab “Project tasks”, which is actually a Kanban board for task management.

Start with nailing down all the tasks under the “General” column (so far – irrespective of the domain or specifics), by adding each one with “+” (e.g. in our project – “Run an envisioning workshop”, “Conduct User Interviews”, “UX Audit”, etc.). Don’t forget to add tasks focused on getting to know your audiences or building in sharing capabilities into your product.

Step 2. Custom lists & statuses

Once you have captured all the tasks, create custom Lists for each specific domain (e.g. “Envisioning”, “Development”, “Marketing”, etc.), using “[+] New List” up in the right hand corner. Then distribute the task cards among the lists accordingly by dragging and dropping the chosen task card into the respective List.

The next step is to create custom Statuses that reflect your specific workflow: first, click on “Grouped by” and select “Status”, then add the statuses (e.g. “Open”, “In Discussion”, “In Progress”, etc.). Drag all your tasks to the respective columns. You are all set now!

Step 3. Assigning tasks

Tasks are better managed, when there is a specific team member in charge. Assign tasks to your team mates and set a due date by opening the chosen task card and clicking on the respective icons.

To see who of the team is busy with what, who is on track and who is struggling, simply “Group by Assignee”, and you will be able to view the tasks assigned to each team member arranged in columns.

Step 4. Project collaboration

Project collaboration is the cornerstone of Infolio! If tasks imply deliverables or teamwork, add the related content to a task card or link an entire collaborative space to it. Open the task card, click on “Attach files, link spaces and more” and simply drag the files onto the space or attach them right to the card.

You can also choose to create a general space for organizing project assets (e.g. files, images, notes, web links, etc.) and collaborate on them in one place. Click on “+” below the Project chat to create such a space, name it (e.g. “Project Assets”) and place the content onto it. Discuss any issues you may have in the built-in Chat, without switching to other tools.

Step 5. Progress tracking

Enjoy visual project tracking with Infolio, by grouping tasks by Status (e.g. "In Planning" or “In Progress”) or by List (e.g. "Development" or “Marketing”). See if your viral product launch campaign is on track and eliminate road blockers early.

Change the status of any task by either dragging the task card to "Done" column or by opening the card and changing its status in the upper left corner.

Enjoy efficient and visual teamwork, when your team, your files and your tasks are all in one place!

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