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Wanna get your projects moving and see results fast? Use Infolio project tracking template to see who in your team is doing what, identify road blockers early, and collaborate in one place.

Project tracking template offers an easy workflow that includes a Kanban board for transparent task management, collaborative virtual spaces — for sharing and collaborating on content, and a team chat, all in one.

When & how to use it?


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Simple yet powerful

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Use the template whenever you run a project that involves a few people, often in a distributed team, and deal with a lot of information, be it documents, sketches, roadmaps, web links, etc. No matter what your project is about.

We created Infolio with simplicity in mind. It’s simple yet powerful, to jump start real work, no fluff. Follow the guidelines below to create your own project tracking hub and propel results.

Step 1. New project & tasks

Sing up to Infolio

Create a new project, by clicking on “+ Add project” at the left bottom in the projects panel. Name the project, e.g. “Project Tracking: E-Commerce Launch”. Go to the tab “Project tasks”, which is actually a Kanban board for task management.

First, nail down all your project tasks (so far – irrespective of 
the domain) under the “General” column, by adding each one with “+” (e.g. for our E-Commerce Launch – “Easy Business Plan”, “Product Photoshoot”, “Website Development”, and more).

Step 2. Custom lists & statuses

Now that you’ve captured all the tasks, create custom Lists 
(e.g. domains like “Business Planning”, “Marketing”, “Sales”, etc.), using “[+] New List” up in the right hand corner. Simply drag and drop the tasks into the respective lists.

Then, create your custom Statuses: first, click on “Grouped by” 
and select “Status”, then add statuses relevant to your workflow 
(e.g. “Open”, “In Discussion”, “In Progress”, “Closed” in our case). Drag the tasks to the respective column, based on their status.

Step 3. Assigning tasks

Easy like that – open each task to assign it and set a due date, 
by clicking on the respective icons. Feel free to add attachments or even link an entire collaborative space to each task, for content organization and teamwork. When you “Group by Assignee” – the list of tasks per each team member will be displayed.

Step 4. Project collaboration

To collaborate on any content item, link a virtual space to the associated task by opening the task card and clicking on “Attach files, link spaces and more”, and drag the task related deliverables onto the space.

Alternatively, use the dedicated space for arranging project assets (be it documents, research web links, notes or tasks) by clicking on “+” below the Project chat. Go to the Chat to discuss any issues you may have, without switching to other tools.

Step 5. Progress tracking

To track the project progress, group the tasks by Assignee, Status or List. See what the roadblockers are or who of the team needs support. Move the tasks along the workflow towards completion by simply dragging them to the next column

Enjoy hassle free teamwork, when all the people on your team are on the same page within Infolio collaboration hub!

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