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Get your projects moving fast with Infolio templates for project tracking, product launch roadmap and internal communications management.

Propel your projects with Infolio smart templates

Project tracker template

This template is universal, use it to track the progress of any project, and coordinate cross-team activities.

  • Plan, run and track your project visually, in a Kanban board

  • See who is doing what and identify road blockers early

  • Coordinate cross-team activities and chat in one place

  • Collaborate on content in virtual information spaces

1.1 - ProjectTrackerTemplate-min.png

Product launch roadmap

Use this step-by-step template to set up product launch preparations, mapping out pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities.

  • Get rid of tedious spreadsheets, running product launch in a Kanban

  • Update and adjust your roadmap in real time

  • Organize project data on a collaborative space

  • Discuss project issues and collaborate in one place

1.2 - Product Launch Roadmap-min.png

Internal communications management 

Use the template for setting up and managing internal corporate communications in Infolio.

  • Plan and launch your internal communications in a Kanban

  • Track project status and adjust the roadmap in real time

  • Collaborate easily within virtual information spaces

  • Discuss project issues in the embedded chat

1.3_-_Internal_Communications Management

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