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Simple, yet powerful 
project management 
and collaboration. 
And it is free too

Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but you are welcome to try it. No strings attached

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Scrum, but you can see it now

A visual and up-to-date view of all your sprints, dev teams and backlogs.

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Stay on top of your management tasks

Delegate like a pro and assign 
tasks with simple drag and drop.

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Sit back and enjoy team collaboration

Get more work done as a team – share ideas, files, and comments.

All-in-one project management solution. Completely free

Develop the project idea, concept, plan, strategy, and organize the project communication in one place. Be it a sprint planning, new internal communication strategy development, or multiple project tracking ­– start with an Infolio project template and move to a fully tailored workflow from there.


Manage deadlines

Deliver your 
projects in time

Stay up-to-date with your plans, and don't ever miss a deadline. Set the due dates to organize the workflow without having tasks overdue. You will get notified when the task needs your approval or assistance, and when it is done. 

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Remote teamwork

Coordinate cross-team activities

Infolio keeps your workflow, conversations, and files in one place – so the team collaboration is more relaxed. Have a full overview of your work pipeline and see where your teams are. Keep all your project assets on visual project spaces/boards and communicate on ideas in the project chat.


Custom workflows

Plan and organize

your way

Create custom statuses and lists with a couple of clicks. Add custom fields to your tasks to support your personal workflow. Create a plan that will guide you during the next project stages. Know where you stand and what you should do next. See at a glance if something's stuck or if you're behind the schedule. 

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Table, board and calendar views

Switch between 
views easily

Choose the view that suits your project. Kanban board provides a more visual way to see, share, and act on your projects together. Switch to the table view when you need more details and specific information on each task or its progress. And the calendar view is tailor-made for easier planning.

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Project templates

Start with our ready-to-use project templates

Try our fully customizable project management, sprint planning and internal communications management templates to get started. Customize everything just as easily — add more task statuses, lists and custom fields with a few clicks.

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Streamline your project management activities with Infolio templates

Collaborate on projects and track your team activities in one place. Use Infolio templates to simplify the internal communications strategy planning, sprint planning and other project planning and tracking activities.


Project planning 
and tracking

Create your project plan 
or track multiple projects 
with cross-team activities.


Sprint planning for effective Scrum 

Plan sprints, organize your 
backlog, and track your 
team's performance.


Internal communications management

Create a compelling internal communication strategy plan without breaking a sweat.

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