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Upgrade Your HR and Recruitment Process Management

Infolio helps you to plan and track all of your HR and recruitment related activities visually, in one convenient workplace.

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Get a high-level overview of your recruitment pipeline

Have a clear view of your tasks and processes, get more things done and speed up the hiring process.

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Have all the information
at hand

Attach all the necessary onboarding materials for new employees, provide essential information to your recruitment teams. Ensure that you all are on the same page!

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with your team remotely

Communicate with distributed teams in real-time using project chats, brainstorm new ideas on visual spaces/boards. Work with the top talent worldwide using Infolio.

Replace all your team's tools with one.
Completely free

Infolio allows you to set up all your HR and recruitment activities in a single collaborative workplace. Whenever you are hiring new employees or sourcing freelance talents, building a remote team,
or creating a new onboarding process – keep all of your projects in one shared place.
Grab ideas from our many templates.

Easy supervision

Take full control of the hiring process

Make sure that you manage the sourcing and the hiring processes right, assessing every candidate. Our templates allow you to keep track of every step – from sourcing to contract offering. Don't let the best talents slip away!

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Clear deadlines

Know your time limits

Don't drop the ball – set the right due dates to make a phone call to your candidate and announce the decision. Get notified when a new employee needs to sign papers or pass a security training. Know in advance when a freelancer's contract end date is approaching.

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Team communication

Overcome collaborative barriers

Provide open communication lines between HR, recruitment, and remote teams. Share your ideas, add comments, and discuss issues in a project chat. Create an unlimited number of spaces/boards to share information visually. Close the loop in communication – organize the teamwork the best way possible.

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Custom fields

Details matter

Add tons of rich information to your tasks with custom fields: text, dates, checkboxes, dropdowns, numbers, and more. Make your workflow simple yet effective. Have all that you need right in front of you.


Streamline your HR and recruitment activities with Infolio templates

Collaborate on projects and track your team activities in one place. Use Infolio templates to simplify the employee onboarding process, candidate hiring process, and freelancer/ contractor management activities.


Candidate hiring

Create your project plan 
or track multiple projects 
with cross-team activities.


Employee onboarding

Plan sprints, organize your 
backlog, and track your 
team's performance.


Freelancer management

Create a compelling internal communication strategy plan without breaking a sweat.

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