Essential tool 
for your freelancing 

One app to help you work better, faster, and smarter to maximize the benefits of freelancing. And it is 
completely free.

Be in control of your tasks and projects 

Stop jumping back and forth between different apps to manage the different aspects of your freelance work.

Free up your time for the new projects

By having all your projects, teams, and tasks right in front, you save lots of time and energy.

Keep all client communications in one place

Clear communication will reassure clients and give them confidence in your ability to deliver.

All-in-one app for freelance project management. Completely free

Forget about the downsides of freelancing. Infolio will help you to handle all the project organization. Wind up working around the clock and enjoy all the perks of freelancing – independence, flexibility, and ability to give yourself a raise any time you want.


Individual work and multiple teams

Whether you work individually or in a team, Infolio fits both. Manage your own projects and tasks or create a team to collaborate – it’s all up to you. Once you create your project, you are the one who controls the invitations, so you know who has access to sensitive information. 


Have a dedicated communication channel

Don't rely on a patchwork system of emails, text messages and phone calls to share information with your off-site team members or clients. Communicate in project chats, share files and collaborate on content in project spaces/boards.

Kanban board

Visual progress tracking 

Clean and easy Kanban board with drag-and-drop interface helps to track your progress visually. You put a task on a card, with notes, file attachments, due dates, and move that card to different columns on a project board to track the progress.

Multiple views

Stick to your deadlines while staying creative

Plan your tasks ahead in the Calendar view, to deliver timely. Set task priorities in the Table view and store additional information in custom fields. Use project spaces to generate creative ideas and brainstorm: put down your notes, images, files, links, and more. 

Don't put off until tomorrow – try Infolio for free now! 

It's completely free. No credit card required. No strings attached.




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