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Plan and Manage Your 
Design Projects with Infolio

Make customers fall head over heels in love with your brand – create an outstanding design with Infolio. Set-up and track your design projects, brainstorm ideas and collaborate with your team in a single, shared workspace. Plan your projects from idea to testing simply and easily. 


See your web design development process at a glance

Create and arrange web design project tasks with a few clicks and distribute them within your teammates. List your tasks by statuses and assignees. Have a clear view of work in progress and stay on top of your tasks.


Work on design prototypes and wireframes together

Collaborate on your branding and design tasks in shared project spaces. Sketch your ideas and discuss improvements with your teammates in the built-in chat. Share visual files and communicate in one place without tool-switching.


Unlock your creative ideas and inspiration

Infolio allows applying a more creative approach to your workflow. Enjoy the freedom of thought and the natural idea flow — present the upcoming content to your team visually in project workspaces. Don't let a good idea go to waste. 


Keep your projects in a single place

Whether it's a new website design development, design sprint process, style guide creation or guerrilla user testing, you can plan and manage them all in one place. Enjoy the ease of use and achieve the desired results with a perfect task organization.

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Kanban view

A quick high-level overview of your work

Organize your tasks visually on a Kanban board. Group your tasks by lists, statuses and assignees, so that you don't miss anything. Move the tasks across projects easily.



Deliver your design 
projects in time

Set your due dates and get notified when the deadline approaches. Power up your workflow with a perfect task organization — see which tasks should be done today, which should be done soon and which are overdue.



Track the design sprint progress visually

Keep track of your team's progress during the design sprint from ideation to testing and facilitate the project workflow. Ensure that you are all on the same page.


Shared workplace

Let your clients stay updated throughout 
the design process

Effective communication is the key to project success. Present your ideas, negotiate and discuss project issues in collaborative spaces. Use built-in chat to enhance communication between your clients and your team. 



Power up your workflow 
with Infolio templates

Jump start your design process with our templates for design sprint planning, web design development and branding project. Use these templates to bring your best ideas to life — they will guide you so that you don’t have to start from scratch.


Enhance your design activities
with Infolio templates 

Collaborate on and track your design  projects in one place. Use Infolio templates to simplify branding project, design sprint and web design development.


Branding project

Learn the basics of branding design, and how to manage it with a template.


Design sprint

Learn about design sprints and how they can help you with your product discovery and design.


Web design development


Learn the basics of web development and jump-start your process with the project template.

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