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Product Discovery Templates in Infolio

Product Discovery includes a number of activities required to define if and why a certain product should be developed. Doing this job makes it more likely for you to deliver the product users want and need. The suggested flow employs "The Lean Startup" approach and offers a series of templates that will help you validate your business idea and shape the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) the customers will love.

Shape the business model

"All things are created twice. There's a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things." Stephen R. Covey Use the templates below, to get ideas out of your head and arrange them into a tangible format, to quickly formulate the possible business models, product launches, or campaigns.

Lean canvas

A template for a 1-page business plan, to document the key assumptions of your business model, in just one afternoon.

Problem hypothesis

An easy template for nailing down your problem statement and hypothesis, to be validated at later stages.

Value proposition canvas

A clear statement that describes the promise of value your product delivers and defines your unique position within the marketplace.

Understand the problem

Use the templates below to develop a deep understanding of your customers' needs and map their experience with your product, as well as to investigate the market context, for shaping the optimal go-to-market strategy.

Product personas

Use the template to "breathe life" into your user stories and enable deeper empathy with your customers.

Competitive analysis

Capture and analyze data on your competition, to come up with a winning strategy.

Empathy map

Map and analyze the findings of your user research, to understand your customers' needs.

Jobs-to-be-done canvas

Provides insights on the jobs your customers really seek to accomplish in specific circumstances.

SWOT analysis

Learn your competition, choose the optimal business model and assess the market's context, to take the right strategic decisions.

Define solutions

Apply the templates below to capture your customers' preferences related to the product look & feel, define the existing gaps, and plan your product roadmap effectively.

Kano model

Apply "value-driven development" to define and prioritize the product features that are key for customer satisfaction.

User story mapping

Map your product as a series of tasks the users perform and plan product features that will enable the most delightful UX.

The double diamond model

Improve the design process and map the knowledge about your customers and explore creative ways to delight them.


Try out the templates suggested below to validate your assumptions and minimize risks related to the product development.

User interviews

The suggested template will help you get the most out of User Interviews, to discover their needs, wants and experiences.

Conversion review

Evaluate your landing pages' effectiveness, using a powerful framework for optimizing web and mobile experiences.

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