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Managing mobile development in a small team is very easy in Infolio

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We have a lot of friends who are ready to help with a piece of advice or even invest some time in our development. Apart from that, we collaborate with a remote team of designers and several freelance test engineers.

The project that we’re currently working on is a dating mobile application, which is location-based. The main idea is to launch the app in the Estonian market first and then assess its prospects for a wider audience.

Vytautas and Kaarl — 

iOS Developers from Tallinn

They created their first iOS mobile app when they were college mates. Since 2013, mobile software development has become their hobby. Usually, they brainstorm and implement new ideas together, sometimes involving their friends and remote design teams into the development process.


Our workflow is organized conveniently — we use Infolio’s task board to plan and track the project tasks and activities. All our devices are integrated, so the team stays in touch all the time, receiving notifications on mobile phones and tablets. Besides, we can easily import our existing projects from other apps to Infolio.

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We coordinate cross-team activities using project chat. For each project team, we create a separate space to communicate and exchange necessary files.


For our future projects, we will use Infolio spaces during the planning stage already—it has a lot of useful templates.

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Get inspired and try Infolio for yourself. It is free to use.

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