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Infolio helped to streamline
activities in our gluten free bakery

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We started planning literally on a napkin back in the day, and when we graduated to using a better task management tool, we discovered Infolio.

Today we use it for in-house improvement projects, recipes development and new clients onboarding.

The very first project we have used it for was the construction planning with our contractor. We’ve set up a visual board with all the images from the interior design agency, and managed contractor’s tasks with deadlines to make it to the opening date. 

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Diana Voronec is a co-founder

at Manna Dew 

Manna Dew is the first gluten-free bakery in London, specializing in classic french pastries. She and her team had a year of preparation when they were creating recipes, working on the shop remodeling and interior. They started as a café is in central London, but very soon they began collaborating with other brands to manufacture goods on their behalf. At some point, Diana and her team tried Infolio as a way to manage their daily tasks and found it helpful.

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Since then we have launched many other projects. We usually create a new Infolio project for each new client we onboard.

Once we collect the requirements from the client, we create a task board where we list all the recipes we plan to create and test for them.

We mostly use the due dates to track the project status, as we are a quite small team, but we sometime assign the tasks to send reminders to the responsible team member. It is easier to work when you have all your todo's right in front of you on one board.

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From time to time we use Infolio templates to manage our editorial calendar for all the posts we need to shoot out during the holiday season and announce our milestones and achievements.

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Get inspired and try Infolio for yourself. It is free to use.

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