Managing real estate projects

has never been easier

I started my career path as a Junior Real Estate Agent at ORDO Agency.

I knew how important it was to expand my professional network, so I started attending events and making new connections with individuals within the Real Estate industry. I have been working hard, taking on new responsibilities. To improve the quality of my work, I decided to apply Agile practices and techniques to my projects. I started with traditional yellow sticky note approach, but after some time I started looking for a proper project management app, as the number of our projects grew constantly.

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Max Kuhto is a Real Estate Agent at AVER Brokerage

He entered the Real Estate market as a junior. Being very hard-working, he learned quickly and continues going up the career ladder. Now he manages many real estate projects and at once and is ready to tell how he organizes the workflow.

Now, as a partner in one of the top Latvian Real Estate Agencies, I work on many projects at once and need to share project information with my team and clients. I came up with the decision to plan my daily activities and manage projects with my team using Evernote and Infolio.

We are glad to tell Infolio team how exactly we use Infolio to manage our tasks and projects daily.

My team and I create a separate project for every new property we manage. There we list tasks associated with its sales details accordingly. Conveniently, we can manage offers and to-do lists for every property. It is important for us to have all the information in one place. 


We create task boards to track the task status updates and see the deadlines for each case. We prefer using spaces to share files, links, and images for each property within the team.

Get inspired and try Infolio for yourself. It is free to use.




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