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Table View

A different perspective

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Switch your project to table view

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By this time you must have no­ticed the Board/​​Table view switcher at the top of your pro­ject board. The most cu­ri­ous of you prob­a­bly have even tried it. Well, let's do it one more time, with a feel­ing! 

Click on the "Table view" button at the top of the project screen.

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Great, now all your tasks are in a neat table, not un­like an Ex­cel spread­sheet. Every­thing should be grouped the way your Kan­ban was grouped — ei­ther by List, Sta­tus or As­signee — but now your columns are one on top of an­other, be­cause the table takes up the full width of the screen. At the same time you can now see ad­di­tional columns next to the task ti­tle.

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Sort tasks, rearrange and hide columns

In table view you can eas­ily sort your tasks. Just click on the col­umn name you wish to sort by, and your tasks are or­ga­nized by this col­umn now! A small ar­row will in­di­cate the di­rec­tion of sort­ing. Click the col­umn name again, the di­rec­tion will change to the op­po­site. One more click — and the sort­ing is re­set to the de­fault one.


You can also rearrange columns to come up with a view that is most suitable for you. Just click the column title and drag it to change its position.

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Please note: 
The main title column is not draggable,  the task title always comes first.

When you move your mouse over a col­umn name, three dots ap­pear on the right. Click­ing on them re­veals the menu, where you can hide that col­umn, if you don't need it in this view. The in­for­ma­tion will still be avail­able when you click the task to open it full screen, but it won't show up in the table. 

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You can un­hide the hid­den col­umn (and add a cou­ple of ini­tially hid­den ones) us­ing the small plus on the right. 

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Managing your project

In the table view you can do all the things you do in the default board view. Add new Lists and Statuses, rearrange tasks and move tasks between groups. You can also rearrange Lists and Statuses themselves by clicking and dragging the group title. Try it, and you'll immediately understand how it works.

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Keep in mind, when you switch the pro­ject view, you only change it for your­self. Your team­mates will con­tinue see­ing the pro­ject in the Board view, un­less they change it them­selves.

Now, to unlock the true power of the Table View, let's talk about Custom Fields.

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