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Search and Filter Tasks

For the times when you get lost

Filtering tasks

On your project board, in the top right corner you can spot the Filter button. When you click it, the filter panel will open on the right, revealing all the parameters, by which you can filter your tasks.

Filtering tasks

When you have a living breathing project with maybe hundreds of tasks and a large team, it can be easy to get lost. But not to worry, it's just as easy to get unlost — filters can help.


The first group of filters will helps you to quickly find tasks with unread comments or any tasks that have mentions of you.

The next group — statuses, in the order which you defined, with the same color coding. If you group tasks by status and filter some of them out, the columns of excluded statuses will disappear, leaving you with less clutter — yay!


Then we have a list of team members. Click on a team member’s name to see the tasks assigned only to that person. Your name should be at the top of that list to quickly see only your tasks in that project. 

The last group of filters covers all your project lists. If you group your tasks by list and then filter some lists out, the columns of those statuses will no longer show, just like with statuses.


If you have any filter active, a large blue button will appear at the top of your board, indicating that filters have been applied, and you probably don't see all the tasks. Clear the filter with a single click on the cross on that blue button.

Combining filters

Combining filters


You have probably already got the idea, but we feel it's important to say that again — the true power of Infolio filters comes with combining them. When you open the filtering panel and click on any particular filter, you can just go on and add more.

You can find only tasks that are assigned to you and have some unread comments. Or you can focus only on open tasks in a particular list. Or anything else you can think of.

Filters are saved per project

Filters are saved per project


One very important and possibly very helpful note.

If you apply a filter in a project, it will be saved for that project only. If you switch to another project, you can apply a completely different filter there, and it won't affect the first one.

This way you can setup your personal experience differently in different projects to set up the work the way you prefer.

Searching for tasks

Searching for tasks


In case you missed it, you can find the search field in the top left corner. It is a global search across all your projects, tasks, comments and spaces content.

Type anything there, and in a moment you will see if you have any matches. Search results are grouped by projects. Every piece of content has its own distinct icon, so that you know what you have actually found — a task, a note or a comment. And of course, by clicking on the search result you will open the object behind it.


You can also filter out search results to only show you tasks or comments, in case you feel you know what you are looking for, but not exactly.

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