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Invite, Assign, Chat and Collaborate

Because sometimes you can't make it on your own

Infolio is great for managing personal projects. It is simple and flexible enough to support a one man army (also, a one woman army). In fact, that is why you can create a Personal Project. But, let's face it, most of the time things we do involve other people, so let's invite others to help and get to business.

Invite team members

Invite team members

If you are an Infolio admin in your organization, you can invite new team members, using the team hub. Just click on your team name in the left panel, and then switch to Members in the top menu.

Type in emails of your peers to add them to the users’ list, and you can now assign tasks to them. Time to delegate like a pro!


If you’ve been invited to an organization in Infolio though, you won't be able to invite new team members, unless you are granted the admin rights. However, you can always register a new organization and invite people to it. Just use the profile menu at the bottom left hand corner.

Assign tasks and set due dates

Assign tasks and set due dates

So, you have a team now, and it's time to manage some tasks! When you move your mouse over any task, you'll see two icons in the corner —
Assign tasks and Set due date.


Click on the Assign icon and choose any person from the list to assign the task to. Use the same approach for setting the due date. This also works from the task full screen view.

As a general practice, it is a good idea to have all tasks assigned to someone and due dates set. That way there is always a person responsible for each task, and if the task goes through phases and needs changing hands, it can always be reassigned, just like passing a hot potato (well, a bit more carefully).

Alternatively, you can agree with your team that only tasks in certain status should be assigned. That way you can add as many ideas as tasks to your backlog as you want, without putting extra pressure on the team.

Group tasks by assignee

Group tasks by assignee

Remember how we grouped tasks by Status and List? You probably noticed that you can also group them by Assignee. So, once you have assigned all the tasks, just switch grouping to By Assignee and you'll see the view has changed again, this time showing you columns with people's names on top.


This way you can always see who is busy with what. You can also change the tasks’ priority by changing their order for a particular team member (this won't affect the order in the Group by Status or Group by List views).


What's more, you can just as easily reassign tasks by moving them from one name-tagged column to another. Don't forget about the column with your name on the top!

Comment on the tasks

Comment on the tasks

Communication is the key in project management. It's always a good idea to talk to people about tasks you have assigned to them or to check the related details. Sometimes you can do it in person, but if you have a distributed team (which is often these days), or if you just want to leave a paper trail, feel free to use task comments.


Open any task card by clicking on it, and you will see the task activity panel on the right. There you can see activities related to a particular task and who is responsible for it. You can leave comments with regard to the selected task in the same panel.

Type @ to open the list of team members involved in the project to mention them.

Use the project chat

Use the project chat

Every project has a place to chat about general things with everyone, who is invited to that project. We call this place — a "Project chat" (yeah, a bit of a cliche, we know). Click on the Project chat in the left panel, in order to open it. There you have a dedicated chat room or channel for all things related to your project.

Projects for selected team members

Projects for selected team members

By default, all projects are visible to everyone who is invited into your Infolio organization. However, you might need to restrict some projects to only limited subset of people. When creating a new project (or editing an existing one), choose Selected members to access the list of team members and select those, whom you want to grant access to your project.


When assigning tasks in such a project, you will only see the list of people who have access to it. The same applies for @ lists in comments. Obviously, the project chat will also be visible only to the lucky ones you've selected.

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