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Guest Access to Projects

Create public links to your projects and share with anyone

Guest sharing a project


To share a project, find the Share button at the top right of your Infolio project. Once you click it, a popup will open and inform you about guest sharing conditions. Click Start sharing to generate the public project link.


Sometimes you might need to share your project with a wider audience or simply without inviting anyone to the team. Whether it's a collection of tasty recipes or a design project you are running for a client, Infolio allows easy project sharing for guests in read-only mode.


Anyone with the link will be able to access the project even without signing in.


Keep in mind, people opening the link will be able to see the following: 
Tasks with subtasks and description
Task attachments
The list of team members active in the project


However, the following won't be available for guest users:
— Task comments and activity
— Task spaces
— Project chat
— Project spaces
— Activity stream

Please note, that the project is shared in its current view/grouping combination. So if you set the view to Table view and group tasks by Status, public link will always open that way. If you want to change that, stop sharing, change the view, then reshare.

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Unshare a project

To stop sharing you project and invalidate the public link just click the Share button again, and then click Stop sharing. That's it.

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Accessing public projects

When you open a public project link, you will be able to move stuff around, change views, edit tasks and do almost everything. But all the changes you make won't be saved, and everything will be restored to its original state after you hit Refresh in your browser.

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