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Content Spaces

and the magic of visual thinking

Add a space to your project

Add a space to your project

Sometimes things in our projects can't be organized into tidy tasks. Sometimes we need to see things laid out in front of us for them to make sense. Well, it's great that Infolio has spaces.


Now, before you get all confused, spaces are these large virtual boards for you to arrange your content — photos, documents, weblinks. You can add as many as you like to your projects — to store reference materials, marketing collateral, or organize a brainstorming space for your team.


On the hand left panel, right under Project tasks and Project chat buttons you can find a large plus. Click on it, give your new space a name and hit Add.


You will see a large empty canvas right in front of you with a row of buttons at the top, giving you options for what to add to the space.

Add and organize content on you space

Add and organize content on your space

You can add a Note, a Checklist, a Weblink, a File and a Label. Click the corresponding button in the top menu to type in the note or to quickly add a checklist. You can also drag the button from the menu to place your desired widget in a particular place on the space.


You can drag and drop any file from your desktop to save on your space. Resize any widget by using the triangle at the bottom of its corner.

Click and drag to move the stuff around. And if you click and drag an empty space, you can scroll across. Try it, spaces are quite spacious.


Use the handy mini map and zoom controls in the bottom right corner of the screen, or use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out (Ctrl+, Ctrl–).

If you drag one file on top of another, they will form a container (our fancy name for “folder”). The same works with notes, images and weblinks.

There's much more to spaces, and we encourage you to play around.

Grid and canvas spaces

Grid and canvas spaces

By default, when you add a new space, it is created as a blank canvas. If you don't need so much flexibility and prefer a space for storing lots of different data, then use the grid.


Click to add a new space, and before adding it, select the Grid format from the dropdown menu. Grid spaces are just like tables. Drag and drop your files or use the same buttons at the top, but everything you add will be automatically aligned in a neat grid with large previews. You can always re-arrange your stuff, and most of the rules from the regular canvas space still apply. Just a bit less of organization hassle to worry about.

Use space templates

Use space templates

You've probably noticed, that besides Canvas and Grid there's a bunch of other templates in that dropdown list. Well, we've added some popular templates for visual thinking and product discovery, which you may find handy.


If you need help about those templates, use the (i) button or read about best practices here. In general, all those templates are just canvas spaces with some underlying structure, to help you place your notes and files in the right order.

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