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Advanced Techniques

Congratulations, if you got here, you are either a very dedicated scholar, and already a proficient Infolio user, or it's a random click. In any case, let's go through a couple of more advanced things in Infolio, which, we hope, will help you manage your projects like a pro.

Using cloud services

Using cloud services on spaces

After you have added spaces to your project, you can connect your Dropbox or Google Drive folders with some files that are important and related to the project. The magic is that those files will be automatically shared with your team and also — will be automatically updated in Infolio, once you change them in your cloud storage.

To add cloud content to Infolio, add a new space to your project, open it and then click on the Cloud button in the top toolbar.


Right after that you will see the panel open on the left, with the choice of services you can connect. Choose the one you want to connect, and it will ask you to open the popup with connection settings. If you have popups disabled (and you probably have), you need to change your browser settings for Infolio or allow the popup to open that one time.

After you’ve gone through the service authentication and granted Infolio access, your account will appear in the cloud services panel. Clicking it will reveal the folder structure, and from here on you can drag files or folders out to your spaces. Everything you drag and drop to the space, will be automatically shared with your team.

What's neat, is that files that you add this way do not count towards your Infolio storage (as we do not download anything).

Add your photo

Add your photo

Okay, maybe it's not THAT advanced trick, but we think it's a good idea to remind you to do this, in case you didn't get to it yet. Adding your photo or a cool creative avatar will make your life easier, when checking out tasks that are assigned to you. And it will also make the life of your teammates easier, as they will be able to read all the chats and comments and understand, who is saying what.


To change your photo, just click on your initials in the bottom left corner of the screen. From there click Add photo button to open your very own avatar management screen. Yeah, it's just a popup.


From there either select a file from your computer or just drag and drop one. Adjust the size, position it nicely and click Save. Great, you are all set!

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