Simple Yet Powerful

Infolio is all-in-one project collaboration suite with the best features from existing tools.

Tasks management + visual spaces

Key features packed in a smart way

With Infolio you can run & track projects in Kanban based Task Boards, collaborate on content in visual spaces, and discuss stuff in the built-in chat. All in one place.

Custom lists & statuses

Make your own statuses & lists

Assign custom statuses to your tasks and group them into custom lists, depending on the domain. Filter tasks based on the assignee, status or list for convenience.

Visual project progress

Color coding for easy tracking

Update task statuses as the tasks move towards completion, and use color coding to track project progress visually.

Personal projects

A personal canvas

Select the “private” mode to use Infolio for your personal projects or research. Set up your to-dos, arrange the documents & research, add web links and have all your data at hand.

Project chat

Don’t switch tools

Don’t lose context by switching to messengers or other tools for team discussions, instead, use the inbuilt team chat for that.

See results FAST

Manage work and team with one tool, in one place. Brainstorm ideas visually, assign tasks, collaborate and track project progress with clarity and speed.

Arrange visual assets and research, brainstorm, plan and track product delivery in one place.

Brand designers

Run and track your marketing projets in Infolio. Arrange content, collaborate and manage compaigns visually.


Brainstorm ideas, arrange visuals, collaborate on and track your design projects, all in Infolio.

UX/UI designers

Native mobile application

Enjoy smooth

and efficient work

Infolio is a native mobile app, offering you a beautiful UX, exemplar cross-device capabilities, and enterprise-level security.



Combine the tools

you like

Integrate Infolio with other communication/task management tools for faster results. Easily embed documents from cloud storages (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox) into Infolio boards.

Infolio is simple

However, if you need some help — we will personally onboard you and your team for free.

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