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Saying goodbye: Infolio will shut down in January 2024

Updated: Sep 12

It is with a mix of a heavy heart and nostalgia that we must share some sobering news: Infolio is shutting down in January 2024.

What started more than ten years ago...

Infolio's journey began in 2013 as a promising solution for those seeking a unified platform to manage tasks, notes, email, and documents seamlessly, all on one screen. We aimed to make Infolio user friendly and approachable, yet functional.

As any other startup, Infolio went through a number of pivots, moving from an iPad-only solution to a Web collaboration platform, to a task management solution for small and medium team. But we kept all the features intact, enriching the experience and shifting the focus to where we thought the most value for the user was. And we received countless praise from users across the globe for our superior UX.

One of the first Infolio mockups from 2013

We had the best engineers and designers. Collectively we had enough skills and passion to fill a stadium. There was a lot of fun, raw emotions, travel, elevator pitches, small wins and awards.

...ends in January 2024

Yet, as the saying goes, we couldn't hack it. There are many different reasons for why Infolio failed, and we can write at least ten blog posts detailing all of them, but the simple reason is the this: it's hard to be yet another small productivity app on a market that has such monsters as Trello, Asana, Monday, Notion and a thousand others. It's twice as hard for a privately funded company.

As much as we'd love to keep developing Infolio, we just couldn't keep up with the ever-evolving tech landscape. The competition grew fiercer, and maintaining the app became a tough nut to crack. The team behind Infolio decided it was time to close this chapter and pursue new ventures.

So, what's next?

Infolio will continue to operate as usual until the end of January 2024, albeit without accepting new registrations. We sincerely hope this should give enough time to teams and individuals to migrate their projects and tasks to greener pastures.

We don't have tools for direct migration to other tools, yet if you need we can assist you with exporting your raw data into CSV files which, with some technical knowledge, you should be able to import into the likes of Trello and Asana. We know it's not what you wanted to hear, but unfortunately we don't have anything better. We're sorry, truly.

After January 2024, we will shut down the servers and delete all the data for good. And with that Infolio will be no more — yet another blip in a huge list of failed startups. But we will miss it. And we will miss you.

Farewell, Infolio!

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