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Next Level Team Collaboration With Infolio 2.0

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Infolio released the biggest update ever, version 2.0 of its digital workplace solution on the App Store. Available on the web, iPad and iPhone, the new version focuses on features that take team communication and collaboration to a brand new level. 

Next Level Team Collaboration With Infolio 2.0

Built from the ground up with simplicity in mind, Infolio 2.0 offers key collaboration essentials a team may need for ceaseless productivity. The new Infolio makes it even easier for you to share spaces, review team updates, and leave comments. It also offers an embeddable team chat and the next level task management to propel teamwork. In addition, cross-platform experience has also been streamlined — to enable the collaboration you've always wanted.  

Share Your Spaces Instantly

Now users can share spaces even easier and faster than before — with a few clicks. Send a space link to your team member to review your groundwork or complete your research, and view updates in a shared space, anywhere and anytime. With Infolio 2.0 one does not even need registration to view the spaces and collaborate. 

Comment on Anything

Enjoy better teamwork and share opinions instantly by commenting on any information item within the shared space — be it a document, a note, a weblink, etc. Get notifications whenever the shared space gets updated by your team mate.  

Use Team Chat for Live Discussions

If you are a fan of team messaging apps, you will totally enjoy Infolio's chat. The chat can be embedded into any space — for teams to discuss the groundwork and share ideas. Keep the discussion on a critical issue right from the space, without the need to jump from one tool to another, enjoying time and focus savings.  

Manage Team Tasks Easily

Enhanced in the new update, our tasks management toolset allows you to assign and view team tasks, track their progress and comment on their execution – all this without leaving the space you are working on. 

Cross-Platform Experience

We have further streamlined cross-platform experience for you so that the new Infolio is even more friendly. Create your space on the Web, review and update it via iPad and stay in touch with your team, using the re-designed Infolio iPhone app. Swicthing devices is super easy and no matter whcih device you are using, you will have access to the latest space updates within seconds.

Stop tool hopping, focus on your information, and enjoy collaboration you've always wanted – with Infolio 2.0! 

We created Infolio with love, and are committed to continually improving it. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments on Infolio's new version. Your feedback is precious to us.

In case you have ideas on how we can make Infolio better for you — please let us know at

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