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New Infolio Is Here!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Today is the big day — we are finally ready to unveil the brand new Infolio! It is now a true all-in-one solution for project collaboration. For everyone!

New Infolio Is Here!

Your Infolio spaces live within projects now, with Kanban task boards, project chat and some other great bells and whistles. You have asked, and we have listened! Sign in and explore the new Infolio!


Everything you do in Infolio from now on is meant to be a part of a project. Create a new project, and you will see a Kanban board in front of you. If you are familiar with Trello, you might feel right at home, but with better flexibility.

Projects in Infolio can have not only custom lists, but custom statuses too. Use the "Group by" button at the top of the board to change your view, and manage your lists and statuses.

Learn About Custom Lists and Statuses.

Task and project management in Infolio


And of course, a key element of a project is a task. In fact, many many many tasks, that you can drag and drop between lists and statuses. 

Project Spaces

Infolio has always offered a visual approach to your workplace. This part is not going

anywhere, and you can add as many spaces as you like for any project to share and collaborate on content. And having project tasks right next to them expands the value of spaces dramatically!

Project chats in Infolio

Project Chat

Every project has a dedicated chat, where you can discuss all things related to the project. Think of it as of a Slack channel, but with a Kanban board and collaborative spaces.  


Another key change is that you are a team now! You could share spaces and invite people to collaborate before, but if we start talking projects — just sharing spaces is not enough. Now you can invite team members to Infolio, and they will get access to current and future projects by default (you do have control over this, of course).

Once you have invited new team members, you can then assign tasks and mention them in chat and comments.

Content spaces in Infolio

Your Existing Spaces

They are all there! Just click "Workspaces" on the left, and you will get to the familiar Infolio dashboard with all your spaces just like before. 

Quick Start Guide

We have prepared a quick start guide to all the amazing things in all-new infolio. It's a series of detailed lessons meant to educate new users on how to approach projects and tasks. Even if you are an experienced Infolio user, it's worth checking out. Read the guide here.

Talk to Us

Just like before, you can talk to us and ask us any questions. Reach out to our support team at

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