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Infolio on Web, iPhone and iPad: Integrated Version Launch

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

On 28 September, 2015 Infolio released an integrated version of its digital workplace solution on the App Store. Along with the cool iPad productivity app, Infolio 1.2.20 is now available on the Web and iPhone, taking productivity and team collaboration to the next level. 

Besides making Infolio available across your key devices, this version offers enhancements you will love: team collaboration functionality, Slack integration, our secure cloud data storage, usability and on-boarding improvements. This new Infolio version is also compatible with iOS9.

Infolio on Web, iPhone and iPad: Integrated Version Launch

Infolio on All Your Key Devices

Do more than before on your preferred device: e.g. compose interactive information spaces on a certain theme via Infolio for Web on your laptop - and access your work from anywhere via your iPad or iPhone app. 

Infolio on iPhone is handy for simple actions — look up space details, input new data, e.g. notes, tasks, or images on-the-run, or create new information spaces, to later on augment them via the Web or iPad apps. All your data is syncronized between the devices and stored in our secure cloud, accessible for you anywhere. 

Team Collaboration

Enjoy better teamwork by collaborating with your colleagues or friends within a team space in real time. You can also share your own space with a team member in seconds, either by sending them the space file itself or a link to it.  

Slack Integration

If you are a fan of team messaging apps, you will totally enjoy Infolio's Slack integration. Add Slack channels and groups to your Infolio spaces, and get all the updates automatically! All your informarmation and all the related messages are now available in one place. 

Data Storage in the Cloud

Available in this new update, our cloud data storage enables you to use Infolio across all your devices and makes team collaboration seamless. Compose spaces for different parts of your life - from customer meeting spaces to personal ones on house decoration or vacation planning — free your imagination.   

Refined Usability & On-Boarding

We have improved new zoom works so that the new Infolio is even more friendly. While the maximum zoom out level offers a bird's eye view on your information, zoom in capabilities simplify work with a certain part of your information.

On-boarding is super easy now — Infolio's demo spaces work as simple samples for you, and offer a detailed description of all Infolio's information types and features, not to miss out a single one!

iOS 9 Compatibility

In addition to the above, the new Infolio version  is compatible with iOS 9, offers leightweight design and intuitive look and feel. Check it out today!

We created Infolio with love, and are committed to continually improving it. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments on Infolio's new version. Your feedback is precious to us!


In case you have ideas on how we can make Infolio better for you - please let us know at There is more to come — we will keep you posted!

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