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Infolio Improves Team Collaboration with Digital Workplace for iOS11

We announce the release of Infolio 3.0, a major update of our award-winning digital workplace solution. The latest version of Infolio leverages the powerful capabilities of iOS 11 to take enterprise productivity and team collaboration to a new level on iPad Pro, iPad and iPhone. 

Infolio Improves Team Collaboration with Digital Workplace for iOS11

As an Apple mobility partner, Infolio worked closely with Apple to take full advantage of iOS 11, delivering a best-in-class solution for its customers.

"Infolio’s mission is to support enterprise digital transformation initiatives, addressing the demanding “mobile first” requirements of high-impact teams. iOS 11 is a powerful new update that delivers tools and features to make Infolio customers even more productive using iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone." – comments David Arbery, Infolio’s Director of Sales & Consulting

Infolio for iOS 11 allows users to quickly switch work contexts from one workspace to another, with workspaces seamlessly and securely synchronized across their iPad, iPhone and Mac, dramatically improving the speed of team communication, collaboration and decision making. It also supports key iOS 11 capabilities, such as Drag & Drop for adding content from the various apps, Smart Keyboard shortcuts and document annotation with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro.

Drag & Drop

Now users can add content to Infolio from various apps even faster by using iOS 11 Drag and Drop feature, which helps them stay focused on key tasks and manage more in less time.

Smart Keyboard Shortcuts 

Smart Keyboard Shortcuts offered by iOS 11 will further streamline your work on iPad, resulting in productivity gains. Remain efficient with just a few taps.

Apple Pencil for Document Annotation

If you are a fan of annotation tools, you will love Apple Pencil for document annotation. Visualize your text edits, make personal notes or share comments with the team - to take personal productivity and team collaboration to new heights. 

Multi-Device Experience

We have further streamlined Infolio experience across devices so that its even more powerful now. Create your space on the Web, review and update it via iPad and stay in touch with your team, using Infolio iPhone app. Switching devices is effortless and no matter which device you are using, you will have access to the latest space updates in real time.

Stop tool hopping, focus on mission-critical tasks, and enjoy team collaboration you've always wanted – with Infolio for iOS 11. 

We created Infolio with love, and are committed to continually improving it. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments on Infolio's new version. Your feedback is precious to us.

In case you have ideas on how we can make Infolio better for you - please let us know at

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