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Infolio 1.1.9 on the App Store: New Features

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Today Infolio Team announced the release of Infolio version 1.1.9. to Apple's iTunes App Store. The next generation productivity app now features folder management and PDF document annotations export functionality, added upon the request of Infolio's active users. The new features will streamline work with a large number of spaces and simplify document collaboration.

Infolio 1.1.9 on the App Store: New Features

Space Folder Management

This new feature has been added to streamline the daily work of users, having multiple spaces.

Organize your information spaces by arranging them in folders for a certain project, customer account, research topic, and more. Easily re-arrange your folders and spaces - to find the info you need within seconds.

PDF Annotations Export 

Not only can you enjoy the rich PDF annotation tooling available within Infolio, but also export your annotations right from within the space, with one click.

Be more productive by highlighting the key information in a presentation, textbook, report or executive summary and sharing it with a team member or a friend.

Coming Soon

Conversion to PDF

Infolio Team is committed to continually enhancing the app: a number of advanced features are included into Infolio's roadmap 2015.

Conversion of documents to PDF is expected in the coming weeks. It will allow automated converting of the most popular document formats, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more into PDF files - to leverage the rich PDF annotation tooling embedded within Infolio.

Stay tuned - there is so much more to come soon!

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