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Best Productivity App's New Features: Infolio 1.1.10 on the App Store

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Infolio, one of the best productivity apps on the App Store, announced the release of version 1.1.10, with a number of new cool features, introduced to make users even more productive. 

The app now features video widgets support, enhanced folder functionality, simplified work with documents, including rich text notes reading, open document link support, and also - document conversion to PDF. 

Best Productivity App's New Features: Infolio 1.1.10 on the App Store

Video Widgets Support

Work with videos added to your spaces from YouTube and Vimeo is further streamlined.

Having all the videos for a selected topic in one place, you can now see video previews and player information, such as video length and position. Besides, you are able to resume or play a video with a single tap now.

Enhanced Folder Functionality

Infolio allows organizing your spaces into folders per a project, an engagement or meeting - for easier information management. 

This feature has been further improved in Infolio 1.1.10  -  empty folder support and folder delete option have been added to the app's latest version. Now empty folders remain available in your information spaces, and if need be - a folder with all the related spaces can be deleted with a single tap. 

Streamlined Work with Documents, Rich Notes, Links

Infolio allows intuitive work with documents pulled into your information spaces from various sources, such as web, content management systems and cloud platforms. 

Besides rich document annotation, Infolio's latest version allows to open any link directly from a document - to get into details you need. Also, rich text notes can be read via open-in, and right-to-left text entry and alignment is supported in the new app version.

Document Conversion to PDF

With Infolio 1.1.10 you can now convert any document type into PDF within seconds - to enjoy the rich PDF annotation tooling embedded within the app, including diverse markup, highlight and bookmark options.

Don't forget that documents can be exported or shared with your team mates - with the annotations you have made. 

We created Infolio with love, and are committed to continually improving it. There is so much more to come - and we will keep you posted! 

In case you have ideas on how we can make Infolio better for you - please let us know at support@infolio.coYour feedback is precious to us! 

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