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6 Templates to Organize Your Remote Team's Work

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Team management in 2020 was a challenge — managing teams and keeping the productivity up remotely during unpredictable and uncertain circumstances is not something that many of us had the skills for. But we can make 2021 a better year. Infolio's smart and educational project templates can make it easier for distributed teams to get together and stay on the same page wherever they are.

Here are some of the best templates to get started:

1/ Project planning and tracking

Project planning template aims to guide you while planning your next project. It allows you to develop the project idea, concept, plan and strategy, and organize the project communication in one convenient location. Map out your milestones, set the project deliverables, and follow the planning progress.

Track your team's performance. Create a new task, assign it to the responsible person, and see when the team starts working on it. You will be notified when the task needs your approval or assistance, and when it is done.

We also have a solution for multiple project management. The project tracking template allows you to follow the progress of various projects distributed within several teams. It provides a clear view of your projects so that you know where each team is at right now. Follow the progress of each project, add information on the responsible manager, clients, and priorities.

2/ Team meeting planning

With a team meeting planner, you can create a weekly or a monthly plan of your team meetings, share all the necessary files with your teammates. You can add and store agendas and meeting notes and then set the team's tasks and assign them to responsible team members. With multiple views (Kanban board, Table view, Calendar) and collaborative visual spaces, you have unlimited possibilities to store all the meeting information and plan ahead. Each team member can propose a topic, attach an agenda and description, propose the time and the day of the meeting. This template will help the whole team to stay organized and prepared, wasting less time in the process.

3/ Sprint planning

Managing an Agile team? Sprint planning template aims to help you to plan your sprints realistically, knowing when something's stuck or if you're behind the schedule. Create sprints, organize your process, and track your team's performance. Measure your team's velocity in story points and prioritize the sprint tasks.

The Kanban approach provides a full view of your task pipeline. Drag and drop the task to the corresponding column as its status changes. The table view allows you to add more information, e.g., epic, confidence level, priority, story points, and more. Use both views of this template to enhance the teamwork by providing more details.

4/ Contractor and freelancer management

Building a remote team? Make sure you manage the sourcing and the hiring processes right, assessing every candidate. Use this template to source, evaluate, and track the candidates for remote job openings. You can list the candidates by their potential departments or projects and track their hiring process from screening to contract offering. See which candidates accepted the job offer and are already working, and set a due date to be notified when the contract end date is due. Add information on contract type, test task quality, and contact info in custom fields.

When you have finished the recruitment process and found the best candidates, modify this template and use it for your remote employee management.

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5/ Design project tracking

Working on a new design? Graphic design or web design development project templates allow you to organize the design and development team tasks visually and control their progress as it goes. Align your team on the tasks that need to be done, see who's working on what. Create and assign new tasks to your teammates, set due dates, add draft status, reviewers, mockups, and prototype links. The statuses show the step the task progress is at. Edit, remove, or add the lists and statuses according to your needs.

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6/ Marketing campaign tracking

If you are planning a marketing campaign, you need to stay on top of the progress and know what your team is working on. Use the marketing campaign tracking template when you need to track your campaign progress, results, budget spent, goals, and audiences in one place. This template provides a clear view of your current, planned, or completed campaigns, grouped by channels and statuses.

Create tasks for each campaign and assign them to the responsible employees. Move the task to the corresponding column, as its status updates. Add and store the campaign results, the number of clicks, the type of audience, and goals.

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