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Infolio is a task and project management tool. And it's simple.

Join 30,000+ Infolio teams

and productive users, from startups to Fortune 500 companies

As an Apple Mobility Partner, we made Infolio super easy, with a most beautiful user experience.

Just some of the things you won't in Excel

Kanban board

Arrange your project data, 
be it documents, tasks,
research and web links

Project chat

Comment on any content item, 
be it a note, a document, 
or a web link

Visual board

Learn task management
on the go with Infolio 
Quick Start Guides

Clarity and simplicity is often better than endless flexibility of Excel

Table view

Your project tasks are presented in a neat table format, which is preferred by users accustomed to working with Excel.

Kanban view

Tasks are presented as a Kanban board, which is usually chosen by users who have experience with Kanban based tools, e.g. Trello.

Great teams
get work done
with Infolio

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