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Define your goals

and reach them

no time

Try Infolio for free, no credit card required.

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Kanban board

Learn task management
on the go with Infolio 
Quick Start Guides

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Build-in Chat

Comment on any content item, 
be it a note, a document, 
or a web link

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Visual boards

Arrange your project data, 
be it documents, tasks, research and web links

Infolio offers simplicity & excellence

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Table view

Your project tasks are presented in a neat table format, which is preferred by users accustomed to working with Excel.

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Kanban board

Tasks are presented as a Kanban board, which is usually chosen by users who have experience with Kanban based tools, e.g. Trello.

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Free, flexible,

and visual way to organize your Tasks, Docs, Coms

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